About us

About us

From the day the winery was established (in 2000) and through 2010, the main winemaker was the father, Alon Zadok, who practiced agriculture and management of agricultural villages for most of his life. Alon has 40 years of experience and has gained a great deal of knowledge and skills in agriculture and in the agricultural field-growing business, theoretical skills but mostly practical experience. Alon participated in many courses that teach about wine, from the history of wine through growing grapevines and producing it – he learned it and fell in love with it.

As of 2010, the main winemaker of the winery is Yogev Zadok, 32, who is Nira and Alon´s eldest son who lives in the village of Kadesh Barnea, near the winery´s vineyard.

Yogev met his wife, Eden, while completing his high school SAT tests. Their shared love for wine became a frequent topic during conversations between the couple and their time spent together turned into unique wine tasting nights. In 2006, after a need for a professional winemaker arose, the couple decided to specialize in the field of wine. They packed their bags and flew to Florence, the wine capital in the heart of Tuscany. There, throughout a period of three years the couple studied the science of wine and grapevines, in the Faculty of Agriculture. The couple returned to Israel with BAs, after practical work and an internship in Antinori Winery, the world renowned Italian wine brand. For three years, the couple lived and breathed in Italian, acquired a unique sense of style for wine which is reflected nowadays in the winery´s wines.

The wines have an Italian influence: They have less alcohol, the fruit is not as ripe and the wine is more elegant, the taste of the grapevines´ fruit is more dominant than the taste of the aging process in the barrels. The couple has two children: A girl and a boy. Here too, the couple´s love for wine is shown; the daughter´s name is Gefen, which means Grapevine in Hebrew. However, just like in every love story, each individual has his/her preferences. Eden specializes in white wines and Yogev produces red wines.


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